Retirement, The RV, And The Freedom To Roam

senior rvers

In early adult life, job choices and changes won’t expect to lead people around the country whether they want to move or not. Eventually, the goal is to put down their roots where kids can go to school and make friends; where mom and dad can become members of local committees, teams, and form their own relationships with like-minded people. Money is tight; long-distance travel isn’t realistic. Then the kids leave school, go to college, even get married. Parents become grandparents, pay off their mortgage, and retire from their respective jobs. They enter a new phase and if health favors them, this is the ideal time to travel.


Set Free to Explore

Many retirees see the first few years of retirement as a chance to do all the things they could never afford or were too tied down to attempt. Their holidays were always curtailed by work responsibilities. Money was tight because they had kids to feed, children’s extracurricular activities to pay for, and a mortgage to cover. Although they love their kids and were grateful to have a home and work, a longing to see more of the world became a dream for the future and now they can do whatever they want if both parties agree about their direction.


Cross Country Trip

The country is huge; far too big to see in a single week. Traveling the entire country really means zig-zagging to hit all four corners plus main points in the middle. At the age of 65 or nearly 70, few people want to be camping on the hard ground. Imagine taking the family car, van, or truck on the road and all of the hotels, motels, or B&Bs a couple would have to rent: the cost would be enormous. Nightly rentals of these kinds are notorious for frequently being unclean, noisy, and overpriced. If they have a pool, it might be dirty or the rickety ladder is hanging from a single screw, the hot tub smells, and breakfast consists of day-old bread products plus stale cereal, milk, and juice. A couple wakes up in an unfamiliar place night after night during a long trip, potentially so frustrated they decide to turn around and cut their trip short. A cross-country trip turns into a two-week experience with bed bugs and indigestion.

Retirement Paradise

What if a couple bought themselves an RV instead? With the money they save after paying off the mortgage, they can save up for a little while and buy it outright or make payments much smaller than their former monthly mortgage bill. Meanwhile, with the intention of leaving home for several months to see the entire country while touring in an RV, a pair can:


  • Rent out their home as a source of income
  • Let family use it as a get-away
  • Keep it locked and empty but turn off all utilities
  • Sell, put the money away, then buy a smaller property when they return


Meanwhile, they wouldn’t be homeless; the RV could double as a residence, parked at a child or friend’s property until a townhouse or condo turns up. This would be a good way to save insuring an empty home and the costs of water, gas, electricity, and other taxes.


Freedom to Go Anywhere

RV parking spots in Virginia are located all over the place. All you pay is rental for a spot whether for a night or a week and get settled in or prepare to travel in freedom as far and for as long as you want. Many of these spots have their own amenities like a pool and BBQs but local recreation centers are useful too. If you like a place, stay longer, not worrying that your room won’t be available thanks to bookings made months ago. Choose a climate that suits you such as the warmer south in winter or cooler north in summer. Explore historical settings, famous landmarks, art, architecture, and museums. Hike, mountain bike, kayak, snorkel, and do all the things you love, following a trail to the next exciting adventure when you’ve had enough fun in one place. In a way, your RV will become a home away from home, both comfortable and familiar but also a holiday home. Decide to stock the onboard fridge, stay in and cook a meal, or go out for dinner; it’s your call. Plus, rely on your own cleaning powers to look after the bathroom, toilet, kitchen sink, and linens. Luxury units even have room for washers and dryers, but laundromats work fine too.


Good Health in Retirement

Now is the time to take advantage of this opportunity, not when you are 70. In their early 60s, the average man or woman still feels youthful, energetic, and strong enough to enjoy an extended vacation. In a few years, that might not be the case. By the age of 70 or 75, a lot of issues arise with joints, vision, or more serious illness. Hiring casual home help might be necessary. Health issues could limit mobility, memory, or finances. You never know if you will be one of the minorities who appears young into his or her mid-80s, still driving and living independently. Illness can strike at any time and so could the needs of their grown children facing their own health struggles which require some help from mom and dad once more.


Act Young, Feel Young

Some older couples say they stayed younger, longer because they took to the road. They kept their minds active and chose to be excited about every day. They visited places they had always longed to see and shared coffee with friends and relatives from way back. Their thirst for adventure allowed them to forget they were supposed to be getting old and proved to a younger generation that age is a state of mind. With the freedom of owning an RV, the once far-off goal to travel and spend more time together became a reality. Living in an RV is not like roughing it, either. Modern versions are as comfortable as many apartments but you only pay for utilities you make use of.

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Smiles for Senior Dental Care

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Finding the Best Cosmetic Dentist

Whether you want a nontraditional procedure, such as dental implants, or want to enhance your appearance, you may require a cosmetic dentist. In many cases, general dentists can perform certain elective procedures, as well, making it difficult to figure out what specialist you need and how to find them. Everyone wants to enhance their appearance, however, possible, usually with the mouth and teeth. Straight, white teeth are seen as the best of the best, so it could be beneficial to find someone who can help.

Experience & Reviews

Anyone can gain experience by doing the same procedures or jobs every day. Just because they are trained to do the job, doesn’t mean they are experienced and skilled. It is usually best to seek out three to four dentists that you are willing to consider and then ask them about their professional qualifications and education. However, make sure you ask them how often they perform the procedure you want.

Dentists are also judged on their past performance and how happy the customer was. Ask them to talk to previous or current clients to see how they feel about the cosmetic dentist. Many times, they will have handwritten testimonials or provide you with a list of people to call or email. If this isn’t available, you may still be able to ask for photographs of previous work to get an idea of what they can do.

Technologically Advanced

Everywhere you go, technology is there. It doesn’t make sense to choose someone who works with outdated tools. They should have the best imagery possible, such as full-circle x-ray machines. You can also check into their porcelain and ceramics to ensure they are high-quality and the most technologically advanced.

The Ceramist

Most people don’t think about the ceramist (the person who makes dentures and veneers), but they can be just as important as the cosmetic dentist you choose. When choosing between dentists, ask them who their ceramist is and do research on them. With the help of the Internet, research shouldn’t be too difficult. Look for any newsworthy things, such as problems, recalls or excellent work.


Your comfort is of the utmost importance when selecting any doctor. You are going to be working closely with them for many years and many appointments. Elective procedures can take weeks or months, depending on their nature, so it is best to feel comfortable with someone before having them do any work.

You should request or be provided with a one-on-one session to meet with the dental professional, hygienist and anyone else who will be coming in and out of the room during procedures. Talking to them on a friendly level for a few minutes can help ease your worries and see if they are a good fit for your personality.

Choose a Cosmetic Dentist That’s Right For You

dentist cosmetic

There may be one or two dentists that are automatically out after taking these steps. You can easily cross them off your list and continue weeding through the others to find someone you feel the most comfortable with. If, after an appointment or two, you dislike the cosmetic dentist, consider switching to another on the list or talk to them about why you dislike them. If they don’t explain what they’re doing or make you feel uncomfortable with their body language, they may be able to change those things.

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Benefits Of In-Home Senior Care

The vast majority of people spend decades working or doing business, raising kids, paying their mortgage and accumulating wealth to ensure they live a comfortable life after retirement. It does not make sense, therefore, for a person to move into a retirement home and leave behind everything they’ve worked hard to achieve all their life. In-home senior care allows senior members of the society to continue living in the homes they spent decades paying for and still get the best senior care from highly qualified personnel. Obviously, dependence on other people increases with age as the body gets weaker and our memory deteriorates. For this reason, you may need someone to always remind you to take your medication, cook for you, make your bed and accompany you wherever you may want to go. That is what senior care firms do. The end result is a more fulfilling life in a familiar environment and a more flexible schedule to travel with family or have them sleep over during weekends and holidays. We asked our friends at Seniors Helping Seniors in Reading PA about the benefits of senior care, below is what they told us.


Benefits of In-Home Senior Care


The main benefit of in-home senior care is that it allows you to continue living your life in the home you spent decades buying and have made many memories in. You can continue sitting in your favorite seat, have your coffee made in your kitchen and rest on the porch. Living in a familiar environment will make life more fulfilling as you continue living your life.

Secondly, you will get one-on-one personalized care through in-home senior care. This is because the caregiver will have only one client, you. He or he will ensure you take your medication on time, prepare healthy meals for you and help you exercise a little bit to help improve your health. Since safety is a key concern, the caregiver will ensure you are always safe when taking a bath, moving around the house or doing anything else at home.

Obviously, most people are more comfortable living at home than spending their days and nights in a new environment with strangers. This is because living in your own home gives you a sense of independence as well as confidence, all of which are important in improving your quality of life. People who live in retirement homes are often seen as helpless and you are obviously not helpless, so you can continue living in your own home and hire someone to help you with grocery shopping, prepare meals and remind you to take your medication.

In-home senior care has many benefits for the entire family. After all, your kids and grand kids may want to visit you and spend some nights with you. This is not usually possible for those who live in retirement homes. Furthermore, you can also go on trips with relatives and friends.


As time goes by, we age. Kids also grow up and start their own families. It is impossible for them to raise their kids, maintain their job and still be the primary caregiver for their parents. For this reason, you may want to discuss your decision, well in advance, to stay at home and have a professional caregiver take care of you. This service will be beneficial to all the parties involved, since you will retain some degree of independence and live a more fulfilling life in a familiar environment while your family and friends can continue to live their lives and still have the option of spending the weekends and holidays with you.

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Neighborhood Seniors Make Excellent Grandparents for Children

Grandparents have much wisdom and love to share with younger generations. Fortunately, even if grandchildren don’t live close enough to visit often, there are still many ways for grandparents to spend time together. For children with no or distant grandparents, there are also wonderful ways a community’s seniors can provide special surrogate grandparent experiences through a local day care or educational center like this Brandon area preschool.

Foster grandparent programs such as the one used by Encompass Child Care in Green Bay, Wisconsin, are the perfect way to bring seniors and children together for their mutual benefit. This programs involves 32 senior citizens who volunteer from 15 to 30 hours each week with the children in their program who call them their school grandmas and grandpas.

Whether between grandparents and grandchildren, or with surrogate grandparents, this intergenerational relationship is a special one. While still an authority figure in a child’s life, a grandparent can also spoil the child in ways parents just can’t. Grandparents also provide the special gift of unconditional love. Seniors have a wealth of experiences and a lifetime of living to share. Children can greatly benefit from spending time with them. Here are some specific things grandparents can share and teach.

grandparent and childrenFamily History

Grandchildren love to hear stories about the people in their family who came before them. They particularly love to hear about their parents and what they were like as children. Grandparents can share funny stories about what a child’s mother or father did when young. It also helps and encourages children to hear about a parent’s childhood problems and how their parent solved them. Old family pictures and albums become living history tours when seen with a grandparent.


Children study history in school but there is nothing to compare with learning it from a grandparent who actually lived through it. Personal stories of historical events are not only esier to remember but also bring the context and meaning of them alive to children. Learning about history from grandparents also helps children develop the understanding of eras of time as related to the generations of people in the family.

New Skills

Many seniors learned the skills of woodworking, gardening, sewing, cooking, farming, knitting, fishing, model building, and baking as a child. These are wonderful skills to pass on to grandchildren because they are useful and many are not taught anymore in school.

Accumulated Wisdom

Age does teach valuable lessons to pass along to younger generations. Grandparents are a valuable source of life lessons, such as the value of saving, living within a budget, dealing with hardship or tragedies when they come, plus valuing and developing lasting friendships. Children can turn to grandparents for advice on experiences they are dealing with, as the grandparent has probably lived through the same or a similar one at least once or more. They also help children to understand the difference between the big and little things in life, through their broader perspective of the world.

Fun and Gamesgrandparents and technology

Grandparents can tease you in a safe and enjoyable manner since they also show you unconditional love. Learning to joke, pull pranks, and tease others in an appropriate manner helps children learn to differentiate between appropriate and inappropriate humor when they experience it in their peer group. It is also safe to tease parents when allied with a grandparent. Grandparents are also great partners in playing games together. They can teach children what they did for fun in their youth and give them a break from texting, smartphones, and video games. They can play board and card games such as Clue, Go Fish, and Pinochle.

Listening and Emotional Support

Children learn to listen to others through someone modeling to them how to listen. Grandparents excel at this. They not only help children learn the appropriate way to listen to others, but they help them understand what they hear. Grandparents make wonderful sounding boards for problems and impartial advice for teenagers.

Communication Skills

Grandparents love to communicate with their grandchildren and model many ways to accomplish this. One of those is the use of snail mail. A personal letter to a grandchild is the most cherished of all communications. Letters, postcards, and packages int he mail are all eagerly awaited by youngsters. Don’t let the skill of sending mail evaporate with the advent of texting, email, and Skype, although grandparents who live out of town love to use this technology to communicate also.

Children also have the potential to be great influences in the lives of today’s seniors. Surrogate grandparent programs in local day care, preschool, or public school programs offer a community’s senior citizens the opportunity of remaining active in the life of their community even as they age. Being around children keeps seniors feeling “young” and even helps them learn to use all the new technology that comes so easily to children of the technology generation.

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Hosting a Retirement Party for a Loved One

retirement partyIf a spouse, parent, coworker, or friend is planning on retiring soon, you may be wondering how to celebrate this achievement. After all, retirement comes after a lifetime of hard work and dedication, and signifies a new era in life — a time for rest, reflection, and reunion. Your loved one may feel less inclined to host their own retirement party, so it is up to you to ensure that they receive the recognition and acclaim that they have worked so long and hard to deserve. But when you’re trying to plan the perfect party for your retiring loved one, where should you begin?

Planning a great retirement party doesn’t need to be expensive or over the top, but it does involve some thought and consideration. Here are some ideas to make sure that your retiree’s party is a special and memorable event for many years to come:

Theme Party

Is your retiree an avid golfer? Are they planning on moving somewhere tropical after their retirement? Consider whether you can incorporate your retiree’s distinct interests or post-retirement vacation plans into the party with a theme. You could consider having a Hawaiian-themed party if they’re planning on moving to or visiting the islands. Leis, pineapples, inflatable palm trees, and Hawaiian shirts could all make for a fun, tropical-themed party.

Another interesting theme idea for the party could be “things that don’t work anymore.” Guests can bring gifts of items that are broken beyond repair — like a broken CD player, a broken wristwatch, etc. Then have the retiree smash an alarm clock to bits to signify no longer needing to get up in the morning to go to work.

Career Timeline

On a large poster, blackboard, dry erase board, or projector, show guests a timeline of the retiree’s career path, highlighting specific achievements. Gather photos from coworkers and from the retiree’s family. Get more descriptive with events occurring within the retiree’s final company, and have guests share their fond memories of working with the retiree. This will certainly spark a nostalgic trip down memory lane.


The best part of the party should be the food! If you expect that most guests will be eating while standing up, walking around and mingling with one another, consider providing finger foods that they can easily eat with one hand. If you’re thinking about having a cake in honor of the retiree, consider a cake that goes along with the theme of the party or in some way showcases the retiree’s interests. If you feel like getting creative, you could opt for a special type of dessert like a cupcake assortment or different kinds of brownies. This Huntington NY deli for example offers a giant Italian cannoli as one of its catering options! Whatever you choose, be sure that the food will be suitable for both the retiree and the party guests.

At the end of the day, all that matters is that the retiree has a good time and feels appreciated for their hard work and contribution. With a careful balance of joyful celebration for the retiree’s accomplishment and lamentation for their departure, the retirement should be a memorable experience for all those involved. We hope these tips give you some ideas to get you on your way with party planning!

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Exercising to Prevent Arthritis

For many people, arthritis is a natural part of aging. As we get older, the cartilage in our joints slowly deteriorates and pain is most often felt in our hands and fingers. Though there is no certain way to prevent the onset of arthritis, there are ways that people can decrease their risk for arthritis and other associated conditions such as osteoarthritis and gout. By practicing a healthy lifestyle with a moderate level of activity and a balanced diet, seniors are better able to stave off arthritis for as long as possible.

The most important ways one can reduce their risk of arthritis are:

  • Maintaining a healthy weight
    • Being overweight causes additional pressure on joints
  • Not smoking
  • Eating a diet low in sugar and alcohol
  • Moderate exercise on a regular basis

seniors and dogEspecially important is getting the appropriate amount of exercise. Many seniors who are retired have a lot of free time on hands, and when combined with a natural decrease in energy, they may feel tempted to spend their time sitting. When some people think of exercise, a gym full with elaborate machines and weights often comes to mind. But exercise doesn’t need to be – and sometimes shouldn’t be – strenuous.

A great activity for seniors, as well as anyone else interested in boosting their daily activity level, is walking. Walking around the neighborhood for at least 30 minutes each day helps to burn fat and lower your stress level and blood pressure. Regular activity also helps to prevent Alzheimer’s and dementia. If you have trouble feeling motivated to walk, or you feel bored, go for a walk with a friend or take your or a friend’s dog for a walk. Once you get into a routine, you’ll be able to maintain this healthy habit.

Another beneficial form of low-impact exercise is swimming. If you have access to a local outdoor swimming pool or a pool at a nearby fitness center, swimming for 30 minutes will help you burn calories, and strengthen your muscles and heart. Because swimming is low-impact, the movements involved are much easier on your joints. Many fitness centers also offer water aerobics classes for seniors, so you can be physically and socially active at the same time.

As we get older, our muscles naturally become weaker. Often, arthritis is inevitable. However, with proper diet and exercise, we are better able to slow down the onset of arthritis and other health conditions. But of course, if you have arthritis, it’s important to speak with a doctor before beginning any exercise regimen. If you’re interested in ways to treat your arthritis, visit Dr. Sanjay Desai to learn more about treatment and surgical options.

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Seniors and Social Media

Many people think of social media primarily as a side effect of the millennial generation. You’ve probably seen this image at your local shopping mall – teens and young adults with their faces glued to their smartphone’s or tablet’s screen. And as businesses use digital media like Facebook and Twitter to connect their target demographic with their services, we start to see the spread of social media into our lives as well. But even though social media is often aimed toward millennials, seniors can often make great use of its various features and functionality.

senior computerThe most obvious purpose for social media is keeping in touch. With websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, people are able to stay in touch and up to date with family and friends who live far away. This function can be especially important for seniors with adult children who have moved away. With social media, they can keep up with their family and see photos of growing grandchildren in between visits. Social media makes maintaining relationships and communication easier for those unable to regularly make visits in person. And as many seniors living alone find themselves in need of companionship, the internet is a great way to stay social. For those who still need to socialize in person, this Lake Worth home health care service provides companionship and in-home care for seniors.

A less obvious function of social media that may be of interest for seniors is the ability to learn and share ideas with others. By connecting with others on social media and seeing what friends are interested in, seniors can discover new topics of interest to them. Seniors who have recently retired from lengthy careers may find themselves in need of new hobbies and interests, which they can explore and ascertain through social media. Furthermore, the internet is a substantial source of knowledge that seniors can use to learn more about topics they’re interested in, engaging with others and even possibly taking an online course. And not only can seniors use social media to learn and explore, but also to share their ideas and interests. After leading long, eventful lives and careers, seniors have many valuable and exciting stories to share with others. A blog is a great way for seniors to share their stories, experiences, and insight with the world.

Although social media may seem at first like something just for the technology and screen-obsessed younger generation, seniors can also use sites such as Facebook and Twitter to reach out to distant family and friends, as well as to learn, explore, and share.

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How to Care for an Aging Loved One

vital seniorsAs one of the most populous generations in the western world – the “baby boomers” – move into the age of retirement, many younger adults find themselves needing to take care of their aging parents. As aging parents gradually lose the ability to safely and adequately care for themselves on their own, they increasingly rely on their adult children for health and financial support instead of continuing to live independently or move into assisted living facilities. Although the additional responsibility of caring for an elderly parent can be a bit stressful, many adult children prefer to care for their parents’ wellbeing rather than move them to an assisted living home. But if you make the choice to keep your aging parents at home, how can you ensure that you are providing them with the best possible care? Here are some tips on how to tend to your aging loved one, making sure that they stay happy and healthy in your care.

Discuss with Your Parent

This should go without saying. First, speak with your loved one and see if he or she has any concerns or wishes regarding their care. You may also want to discuss end of life care, and what wishes they have for their estate and finances should anything happen

Make a Caregiving Budget

Consider the costs of caring for your parent at home. Will you have to quit your job? Taking an extended period away from employment will drastically affect your income, and could also impact your ability to find work in the future. What do you parent’s resources look like? Their retirement savings may be helpful in supporting caregiving costs.

Is Your Home Safe for an Elderly Parent?

If your loved one has a lack of mobility, or suffers from dementia or Alzheimer’s, you will want to consider how easily accessible your home is. You may need to install railings in the bathtub and by the toilet, and an electric stair lift if you have a staircase. If you have multiple stories in your home, you may want to ensure that your parent has everything he or she needs on one floor, including a bed, bathroom, and kitchen.

Social Events

If your parent is well enough and willing, encourage them to be social. Many neighborhoods offer senior communities that hold regular social events. Socializing, finding a hobby, and participating in moderate exercise will benefit your parent both physically and mentally.

Consider Alternative Options

If you decide that you are unable to adequately care for your aging parent, you have a variety of alternative options to choose from. Consider placing your loved one in a nearby assisted living facility or retirement community, or enlist the help of an additional caregiver. This Indianapolis senior care service provides caregiving for and by seniors. Senior caregivers regularly come to your parent’s home to help them out around the house and to be a friend. Whatever option you choose, make sure that you have your loved one’s best interests in mind.

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